Christmas 2022

Dec 24, 2022    Pastor Carlos Giraldo

Christmas 2022 — John 1:1-14 The Word Became Flesh 

What does Christmas mean to you?


For many, Christmas starts on Black Friday. The lights go up, and the pressure to fill the ever-growing Christmas list begins. The anxiety of preparing the perfect meal and hosting family. Others find comfort in knowing they will spend time with family and friends, so the sacrifice was worth it. 


For others, Christmas can be a difficult time because they are going through health complications and don’t want to face the family. The season brings them memories of a loved one they lost, such as a father, mother, spouse, or child. 


Others are stressed living pay-check to pay-check, and now they will go into debt trying to purchase gifts for others they can’t afford, or worst, have been laid off and wondering where their next paycheck will come from, whether they will be evicted and disappointed from not being able to provide a roof over their heads or buy gifts for the family because we’ve commercialized the season and forgotten that Jesus is the reason for the season.


Even sadder, younger generations are unaware that Christmas gets its name from God’s gift to the world, The Lord Jesus Christ. They do not know that the Babe in the manger scene was and is the real Savior of the world.