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Matthew 25:31- 46

Jun 23, 2024    Pastor Carlos Giraldo

Matthew 25:31- 46 Be Ready: Service

Today, we conclude our study through the Olivet Discourse. In chapter 24, we covered the six signs leading to the end times, Israel and the Great Tribulation Period, and the church and the end times. In chapter twenty-five, Jesus makes it personal and reminds us that we must be ready for His return, which could happen at any moment. This is the theme of the Olivet Discourse: Be Ready for the Second Coming.

On a personal level, there are three things we must consider in anticipation of His return: 

Personal salvation - Have you been born again and filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit?

Stewardship - How are you investing the money, gifts, and talents the Lord has given you?

Today, we conclude with Service: Are you serving or just filling yourself with head knowledge? 

If you believe and follow what the Bible teaches, it will change how you live. Knowing that He could come back at any moment.